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James Greene

Cloud Nine,

I read many blogs and find yours to be most enlightening.

All details are covered and that is rare with many blogs.

Keep up the good work.



So true... Thanks for this informative article, will definitely help a lot of people.


so does that mean that all white gold jewelries will eventually turn yellow in time? i didn't know that white gold isn't a naturally occurring metal. thanks for posting this very informative and enlightening article. great job! :)

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Thanks for the useful information.I also encountered the same problem with my 18k white gold given by my fiance.

tungsten jewelry

You was definitely right,that's also a reason why i liked white gold.

by: rhianne

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Interesting information about white gold , thank you.

Vintage Jewelry

Very interesting. I never knew this fact before. I always thought that in nature exist two types of golds: white and yellow. Thanks for the post.

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i like yellow gold's jewelery,
This is very attractive jewelery.
I also love silver bracelet

Puma Clyde

Advantageous post, I favor to create tips since it allows bloggers for getting even more engaged and towards the possibility to surely know from each and every other.

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So funny, I think.*

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Now that's an informative fact.


All gold is naturally yellow. In order to make white gold, put it a different alloy, however, still will have a slightly yellow appearance before grinding it

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